Foodsoft monthly community call

We want to meet on 2023-03-03 10:00 (CET) to discuss the current state of foodsoft forks, plans for 2023 and initiate a monthly open hour for foodsoft users/hackers/operators.

Feel free to join us, you can find all the details here: Foodsoft Community Meetup - HedgeDoc


I’ll be there, looking forward :clap: :heart_decoration: :tada:

This is a great idea. I’ll be there!


Looking forward to chat with folks in just under an hour!

This went really well! It was a great conversation and we had a good turn out. Thanks all!

See the agenda minutes for details on what we discussed:

Foodsoft Community Meetup - HedgeDoc

@yksflip, flo & myself (iirc?) have been given admin rights on the Foodsoft Github organisation. I have also been granted adminstration rights on this forum.

The next collective steps are:

  • Setup a Github project on the Foodsoft repository to gather priorities and focus reviewing energy to get things merged. Also communicate clearly to other contributors what we are focusing on. Invite others to join in.

  • Document new agreements: Matrix/Discourse forum discussions, how we are going to approach collectively maintaining the software from now on, how to join in, how to find our priorities on Foodsoft.

  • Organise the following monthly call. I can commit to that for now.

We can re-use this thread to organise new monthly calls from now. Subscribe for updates!


We’ll have the following community call this coming Friday 7th April 2023 10:00 CET!

All welcome!

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Tomorrow at 10:00 will be the next monthly call, right?

Who’s in?

We had a short call with 3 people. Minutes

The next meetup will be on 2023-06-02T08:00:00Z

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Who’s up for a monthly meetup tomorrow?

Next Call: 25.08.2023 10:00CEST :slight_smile:

minutes: Foodsoft Community Meetup - HedgeDoc