Matrix real-time chat room for foodsoft hackers/operators/etc.

Hey, it’d be nice to meet & chat with other operators of Foodsoft!

To make a start, I made a matrix ( space & operators room:

Link to the space:

Link to the operators room:

If you’re not already on matrix, you can join by usnig and create a new account.

Hope to see some of you there!

decentral1se ( operator)

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Update to this is that a bunch of people are there and it’s nice! Discussions are ongoing. Some of those led us to Foodsoft Meetup on 2023-03-03 10:00 - #3 by wvengen so I guess it is serving its purpose :blush: Hope to see more folks joining in :wave:

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Btw, we’ve decided in Foodsoft monthly community call - #5 by decentral1se that we’d rather use this forum itself to coordinate on more important things and keep the chat for short-term hacking / shitposts / off-topic discussions etc. So, expect more updates on the forum, I guess!