Upcoming Release 4.8

Making progress on the rails upgrade makes me optimistic to look at a next release.
Following the creating a relase wiki page, I’ve started by picking a random date in the near future and adding stuff to the 4.8 Milestone I’d like to finish before releasing. Happy to discuss what should be done before freezing and releasing :slight_smile:


Great to hear that the rails upgrade is moving forward!

I have to be honest that it remains a little unclear to me what is being changed “under the hood” with the rails upgrade, so I am just going to shoot some features at you that I believe are really missing in the upstream version, but were already developed in the Adam fork:

  • showing tolerance with a dynamic bar graph. People in our coop still have trouble understanding the tolerance/quantity functionality. The visualization of the tolerance in the Adam form, indicating how many more units of a product need to be ordered, was great for this!
  • the Adam fork already included an option to include a maximum number of products to be sold in the regular product upload/ordering system. Now we are improvising with the Stock functionality to achieve the same functionality, but that is quite cumbersome.
  • already mentioned in another post is the iDeal integration for online payments with the Dutch banking system, also working in the Adam fork.

Not yet in the Adam fork, but a missing feature:

  • the ability to include a picture for each product (not just the url linking to a product). We have a lot of local resellers, selling the same kind of vegetables. Being able to upload images would be very helpful to distinguish the quality of products and manage expectations for purchasing members. Now it is a random guess of what you are going to get for the price you pay, especially when working with local producers instead of wholesale traders working with more standardized products/units.

hey ardjan,
thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Your’re right, I guess the next release will bring only little benefit to users as most of the development was focused on the technical basis of foodsoft, enabling further development. But I’d like to keep your ideas in mind and will add them to the development roadmap.

showing tolerance with a dynamic bar graph.

I like the idea, we’ve the same problem in our foodcoop and It’s great to hear that the visualization in foodcoop-shop could help with that! If I recall correctly It was never merged into the foodsoft beacuse of disagreements on the technology (can’t find the github issue right now). It should be still possible to run the foodcoop-shop component with the next foodsoft release by itself.
We should really discuss about this and the future architecture design of foodsoft in the next monthly call.

to include a maximum number of products to be sold

That sound like a useful feature. I’ll open a github issue for that, maybe you or someone else can spec it out a little bit more or maybe wvengen could even reference the corresponding commits :slight_smile:

Ideal integration

I think this would be great to have as a plugin, so foodcoops can enable this feature if whished.
I also opened a issue for that:

article picture

yes! I wonder that I could not find a issue for that. I think this would be a great plus!

Many thanks for working on a new release!

I would like to see the usabilty changes that were done at the PTF project to get merged on the upstream project.

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I’m waiting for 983 to be merged. After that my plan is to rollout the current main branch at app.foodcoops.net to test it on a bigger multisite installation (for selected Foodcoops).

I assume that this produces some useful Feedback for the upcomming release.

Foodsoft-shop was developed as way to include the Adam approach for ordering in a cleaner way into Foodsoft. It was slated for inclusion in PR #581, but we did not agree on shipping the minified code in a Foodsoft plugin, to let it work without having to setup foodsoft-shop yourself (hosting and configuring an application key for auth).

And yes, you would already be able to use foodsoft-shop with the next hosted version of Foodsoft, but you can’t get there from the Foodsoft interface (which is another thing the plugin did). I’d be happy to discuss in another thread / Github issue to see what we can do to make this easier.

Thanks Philipp for translating these as feature requests in Github! Looking forward to what could possibly be integrated. And happy to exchange thoughts on precise functionality if needed.

There is one more admin feature that I often miss as well, which is in the Adam fork also I believe. Just to add to the 4.9 roadmap:

  • admin: option to add a new ordergroup to a bulk product, once the order has been closed, but not yet settled.

Clarification: we often order products, which may miss a few units until completion. We then assign these to a generic coop account and offer these for sale when handing out the products. The way to account for these extra transactions now, is to simply add a manual transaction per product per household, for the extra items they purchased. It would be easier and better for bookkeeping, to be able to add an ordergroup to the existing closed order, before settling the order. This way the user can also trace back the extra items they ordered.

This is already possible in the balancing menu – or do you mean a different feature?


That’s exactly what I mean! Great, but somehow I was never able to find that feature (really tried looking for it). Next time I close an order I will double-check.
Just to make sure I know where this option should be: Finances → Account orders and then this should show up if you click on a product line? Never realised you could click on those lines to see who ordered. I always use Manage Orders to do the balancing.

Sorry for having this feature discussion in a conversation that is about the upcoming release.

Yes, exactly. The “add group” button is very small and easy to overlook.