Upcoming Foodsoft 4.3.0 release

Hi everyone,

Just before this year ends, I’d like to do a new release with version 4.3.0.
New features are sudo-functionality and configuration of periodic tasks, among others. For developers, there’s a new rake task to seed the database with some sample data for easy testing.

To make this a nice experience for all users, I’d like to ask your help to

  • finish translations (German and French need some help) - localeapp | test instance
  • do some testing (especially the user profile and scheduled tasks)

The release is planned for the 30th of december.
But first a merry christmas.


  • Willem


I added the German translations and did a quick test with the login as another identity. I didn’t found the new order scheduling and skipped it.

Thanks Willem and a Happy New Year!


Hi Marc,

Thanks, you made it possible for Foodsoft 4.3.0 to be released today :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll have a festive year transition!


  • Willem