upcoming foodsoft 4.2.0 release

Hello everyone,

It’s about time for a new release, 4.2.0! There have been quite some useful changes, but the most important thing, I would say, is the introduction of a configuration screen. Finally foodcoops can modify their own details and settings.

So, I’d like to ask some help to

  • finish translations (German and French need some help) - localeapp | test instance

  • do some testing (especially the configuration screen)

The release is planned for October the 14th (milestone).


  • Willem

Hello Willem,

It’s very good to see that there will be a new release. I did a very uncomplete test of the new config screen and added the German translations. I also did correct some existing German translations.

Thanks Willem,

Hi Marc,

Thank you for translating, testing, and correcting existing
translations, that’s really great!
I hope my replies to the issues were helpful, if you have other
questions, feel free to comment on/open issue or mail.


  • Willem