Status on foodcoop-adam/foodsoft fork?

Hi there! I am looking to find out a little bit more information about the status of the fork.

I am considering packaging up the project for use with the distribution and wondering which one to focus on! I did see on that “While this is currently available, it will most probably merge with the global hosting option, please consider that first.”, I thought that maybe the situation has changed and I better ask.

As far as I understand now, is the main repository to focus on or?

Anyway, thanks for all this good work! Greettttings from Rotterdam :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest! Super if you’d like to package it for yunohost :slight_smile: If you’re packaging anything, choose foodcoops/foodsoft. The foodcoop-adam fork is really old, and work is being done to move relevant features to foodcoops/foodsoft (which is upstream).

Cheers from Amsterdam,

  • Willem


Thanks a lot.

I’ve made a start and I will update when I have finished.

Some support / guidance on would be very welcome!