Should we stick to crowdin?

while preparing the next release I bumped into crowdin. After fiddling a little bit around I’ve got it working again and the workflow seems to be okay. But the question raised if we need crowdin for translations anymore or if accepting translation PR’s on github would be good enough?


In the past, when non-technical people were translating (also in complete new languages), a tool like crowdin helped a lot (especially with the in-context translation for live previews - unfortunately the translation instance has been disabled for a while because of performance issues on the server). Nowadays, I think most i18n contributions are by technical people, so perhaps we could reduce the complexity and just accept PRs for text translations (we’ve had one or two i18n PRs that I referred to Crowdin).
But once you’ve figured out how it works (and you’re happy enough with it), we can also keep using it.

What do you think?

It seams that in the last years most people are contributing translations via Github. Maybe it’s a reason to drop crowdin?