short update from FoodcoopNL

Dear foodsoft community,

I’ve been a bit silent in the past weeks. That’s because I’ve been
working hard on using foodsoft in a slightly different setting than, I
think, has been done in the past. Quite a number of people in Eindhoven
(a city in the South of The Netherlands) have expressed an interest in
joining a foodcoop, and we’re working with someone who has contact with
local suppliers to get something started.
This will use upfront online payments (like a shopping cart), and there
will be a central distribution location with a number of small groups
spread over the city and its surroundings. Multiple groups each have
their own foodsoft instance, but will be able to join order cycles of
another group (in a single database with foodcoop scope added mainly to
groups, orders, categories). In this way we want to give groups
autonomy, while still benefiting from centrally organised distribution.

At this moment, we’ve got enough to do to get this working. In the
course of May, I hope to slowly pick up foodsoft main development again,
and merge back different features.

To give an idea of how member ordering may change, please see the
attached member manual. It’s in Dutch, but as they’re mostly pictures, I
gather you’ll be able to get an impression of some upcoming changes /

Best regards,

  • Willem