Shall we make suppliers and articles visible for all users by default?


Tom is working on a feature to make articles (and probably suppliers also) visible to all users by default. This would allow users to see what articles are there, and request the addition of specific articles to a next order.

Does anyone have an objections against this (e.g. is the presence of some supplier or the visiblity of article prices to all members a possible issue)?

Please respond if you thing this may not be a good idea, otherwise we’d probably include the change.

Kind regards,

  • Willem

Hi Willem,

thank you for posting this topic.

Here we still face the problem, that the local vendors in nearby towns put pressure on the major suppliers, to stop delivering to food coops.
In the past we already had to shutdown a coop and merge with a coop in a village, which is 15 km off track.
I guess, the proposed feature has been left out by intention. Suppliers and purchase prices are not in any lists. We put a surcharge on the articles, which is known and in favor to all members.

If the proposed feature will come, it should be made available as “opt-in” by the admin only.

All the best


I also think it should be an opt-in or opt-out feature, cause we surely cannot think of all important pro’s and con’s for this.



Thanks for your replies!

Is it just the price, or would article names etc. also be sensitive?


  • Willem

Hey Willem and all,

I don’t think other things than price would not be sensitive, however, maybe we would still not like to make everything visible, e.g. in order to avoid too many requests for complicated to get articles or request for articles from suppliers which are complicated, such kind of things.

But if this would make everything too complicated, I guess it would not be a number one priority.