Setup a new repository for a Foodsoft Ansible role

The global hosting platform at uses an Ansible role to deploy the Foodsoft. There is also a Foodsoft role at Ansible Galaxy but this only wasn’t updated in years.

I would like to generalize the role and publish it in a separate repository beneath the foodcoops Github organisation. What do you think about it?

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That sounds like a good idea to do in any case @steffen! Certainly others will benefit from this. For myself, I’m using coop-cloud/foodsoft: Web-based software to manage a non-profit food coop - foodsoft - Co-op Cloud Code to deploy Foodsoft and I think @yksflip is also IIRC.

Yes! We use the coopcloud recipe for our foodcoop too, no problems so far :slight_smile:

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I assume that only the owner of an organization are able to create new repositories.

Can someone please create a new repo called “ansible-role-foodsoft” and assign at least write permissions to the user “kidhab”?


@steffen re: shall we just upgrade these user permission powers or what to do? we could discuss this a group in the next monthly call but maybe it’s not such a big discussion point. i haven’t seen major concerns yet. i could try ask around once more?

Maybe silence means consent…

Assing admin rights is for sure a big step. Because I’m a person that would benefit from it I’m in favor :slight_smile:

Maybe you can send a short reminder at the other thread.

FYI: I just published the Ansible role at the Github foodcoops organisation.

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