Re: Wiki languages - documentation - foodcoops plattform

I would suggest the following:

a) We create a simple starting point for user and developer
documentation. Served by github pages. Maybe a like the owncloud
documentation: I think we can almost copy the structure, to also provide downloads, a feature summaryze etc.

b) [later] we create a users plattform on, where every
foodcoop can maintain something like a profile. A long time ago, we
build simple app to that for anti nuclear organisations. [1] But maybe,
this is an overhead, and we sould better advise the users to use or something else.

c) [optional] We setup a forum, where users can answer users questions.
I hope, this can save us plenty of time in supporting new foodsoft users.

d) [optional] Or we use a saas plattform like

What do you thing?


Yes to a) and d).

second that a) and d)
with d) there is also a foodsoft-discuss mailing-list for that purpose -
though uservoice has more features of course

added a gh-pages branch to foodsoft a quick usage section in the readme.
it’s just a start, not really elaborated :wink:

docu page:
gh-pages branch:
jekyll docu: