Re: Article relation diagrams, current and proposed [was: Re: Changing an article's unit for subdivision...]

Find attached some (updated) relationship diagrams:

  • foodsoft_article_relation_3 - current situation (let me know if I
    missed something)
  • foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_B - proposal to have changing a
    unit not mess up current orders
  • foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_C - proposal to include
    supplier’s price in foodsoft (perhaps later, would be useful when
    the shared database becomes a web service)

These changes would allow to use a SharedArticle, Article and
ArticlePrice interchangably when displaying unit and price information.
It’s probably handy to have a mixin for net/gross/fc computations.

Please let me know if you find something that’s not correct. And,
naturally, feedback on the design is welcome.


  • Willem

p.s. Let me know if you think the attachments are too large, then I
could upload them somewhere. I like them in the mailing archive, though.