Question as an admin how to acess the acorns of all users

Dear all,

I found on the manuel the following description regarding the acorn system:
"Acorns are primarily a tool for personal assessment of investment, and are therefore never made public to other cells. Only administrators who have the password to access the database can possibly consult them. "

However, where do I find the database, I checked as an admin the regular users and no information could be found here?

thanks for any insight
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Never heard before about acorn in the context of the Foodsoft. The documentation uses this term to describe some functionality that is called apple points at the upstream version.

IMHO the documentation is somewhat misleading. I think due to the fact that it was translated from German to English and maybe it’s based on a Foodsoft version that does use another vocabulary than the upstream version (the term cell is another example for this).

By “consulting the database” it means that you have to look at yout Foodsoft’s (probably) MariaDB database to find out about the amount of apple points for an order group. You can’t get this information within the web interface.

In fact I think at this point the documentation is incorrect. There’s not database field for storing the amount of apple points. It’s calculated at runtime.

Dear Steffen,

thanks first for your insight. Indeed I meant “apple points” but was unsure which language I should use here so I referred to the manual. So I got from your reply that there is no quick way to access this insight the foodsoft software. Instead I would have to search in MariaDB. Is there an obvious way to do so?

thanks best wishes

I’m pretty sure that you can’t get this information either from the Foodsoft nor the database.

As I stated before: the apple points are calculated at runtime. Meaning that this information doesn’t come from the database. Instead the Foodsoft does a math operation (avg_jobs_per_euro / Ordergroup.avg_jobs_per_euro) everytime the apple points are shown to a Foodsoft user.