putting an order online

Hi all,

first of all, i’m new in using (and in future also trying to commit to) foodsoft.

Now my question:
The only possiblity i found to convert “food” into a product which is be possible to order,
is to make a new “delivery” from a “supplier” and then (as admin) put it online.
There i’m able to add a notice, but the name of the order is always “Lager” (Stock)
(i use german version). Is there a possibility to manually fill in a more useful name of the order,
or, automatically create order name out of “supplier name” & “ordered product names”?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Adrian,


Nice to see you’ve been able to get started. There are currently two
ways to do the ordering: (1) the foodcoop orders products into stock
(using a delivery), then sells those to the members; or (2) orders with
supplier’s articles are opened for members and after some time the
foodcoop orders the total amount from the suppliers. It seems you are
talking about the former.

Currently “Lager” (and its translations) can not be changed. What is it
that you’d like to achieve? A better overview for members on the
dashboard about what articles are present?

When using the second way, each supplier gets its own order, which are
named by supplier name - so that is already what you’re describing.

I hope this clarifies a bit. Please feel free to continue the discussion.


  • Willem

Hi Willem,

thanks a lot for your fast answer.
Way 2 (orders/new?supplier_id=1) was exactly what i searched for (That it’s clear what order that is).
Now i’ll try to display “order_note” on /group_orders view, then i’m fine :wink:

Best regards,