Product catalog updates for Terra not working / Sync Button Missing

Dear developer team,

we found an issue in the product catalog. The “update/sync” button to get an updated price list for articles from Terra is missing.

The button was beside “Bestellung anlegen”. I had a call with Terra and they told me, that the data (product list) remains the same.

Please tell me what we can do or please have a look.

Thank you,


in the default version of the Foodsoft there’s no button called “updat/sync”.
There are two buttons to import and synchronise articles from a sahred supplier and they are placed left of the “new article” button (see screenshot below).

Do you use a customized Foodsoft version? If so, you have to ask the persons who are responsible for you Foodsoft/ who did the customization for support.

The button is also missing when the supplier is not a shared supplier. Only shared suppliers can import and sync. You can create a shared supplier from the suppliers screen, at the top right there should be a shared suppliers button (iirc).

Are you sure the same supplier was a shared supplier in the past? I.e. could there be / have been another supplier in Foodsoft that is connected to the shared database?

Thank you for your replies.

We are using standard Foodsoft. The supplier is a shared supplier (“Terra Naturkost”).

The synchronize button appears after I did following steps:

  1. From my old artice list I did an export of all articles (csv file)
  2. Add new supplier (still “Terra Naturkost”)
  3. Upload csv file
  4. Synchronize button appears

The work around is fine for me but I guess there is still an issue.