problem updating foodsoft-adam


I finaly got around to updating my foodsof installation from Foodsoft v3.3.7+adam+ß to Foodsoft v3.3.9+adam+ß (installed in development mode), but it doesn’t work as expected.

When addind a product to my order, the tolerance bar moves as it should, but when clicking to review the overview the tolerance bar just goes back to zero (while the products are still there). Other users also do not see any change to the tolerance bar, as it doesn’t change globally. If I am not being clear enough, you can see what I mean in the image below.


Not sure what I am missing to make it work and I didn’t find anything usefull in the logs. Any idea?

one more side question: I read somewhere that foodsoft-adam fork is to be merged with master, I was wondering if this is done and if I should just go ahead and install foodsoft instead.


Thanks for mailing, this looks like a bug on the server-side. Hope to have some time to investigate it this week.

Regarding merging foodcoop-adam’s fork with upstream, that is indeed in the works, but as you might be able to guess from foodcoop-adam/foodsoft#163 [1], it’ll take quite some time. So for you you’d better keep using foodcoop-adam’s fork, if these are the features you want.


  • Willem



I cannot reproduce this. Does the installation at work for you? (Login with default admin account credentials.) If not, then it’s a client-side issue; if yes, it’s on your server. You did run any migrations, I presume? Let’s take this discussion to an issue, please open one at - and reference this discussion with - Willem

I tested it on the demo installation and had the same results. Checked on mulitple browsers and two different machines.
I made an issue here: