Point of sales

Stock takings seem to be very cumbersome. I’d like to have a fool proof point of sales, that can be operated with only a bar code scanner. I am willing to put development effort into that.
Is already any development on the way in that direction? If not so, is anyone interested in joining me?

Yours, Max

There is a discussion on stock takings here: http://foodsoft.51229.x6.nabble.com/How-to-work-with-stock-articles-td1458.html

Does it still reflect the state of the art?

How much work are you willing to put into development? What is your exact use-case? Maybe I can give you some hints and tell you the missing/existing parts, if you give more information.

There are multiple things to consider a “correct” solution, since stock management isn’t a strength of foodsoft yet. My current vision includes handling for stock-order independent stock-takings and management of price changes.

Use case: I want equip a small closed room with about 100 different
stock articles. Members can enter at any time and take whatever they want.

Here’s my vision for the basic check out work flow:

  • Switch on computer
  • Scan the bar code on your member card
  • Scan the bar code of every item you have taken
  • Review list shown by the computer
  • Accept by scanning a bar code labelled “Accept”
  • Switch off computer

After that, the total amount spent must be debited from the account of
the ordergroup of the member.

Additionally there should be a bar code around for cancellation (and
maybe some for numbers, for the case of taking larger quantities). The
computer can be small, it must be capable of running a lightweight
browser. It should boot very quickly or have low standby power consumption.

Yes, we need stock-order independent stock-takings for this. What is the
problem with price change management? The stock articles could just be
sold for the latest price.

I am willing to spend a considerable amount of work, but it is a low
priority project.