Open Collective Account


I think it would be great to have a open collective account to receive donations and distribute them to people who do efforts on foodsoft.
Is there a organization out there willing to become the fiscal host? Maybe the global hosting organization?
I could also imagine to ask for that.
We could also go with the “open source collective” (however they charge 10% fee’s).

Any ideas?

I like this proposal.

The global hosting project cooperates with a non-profit organisation for all matters concerning finances and other “official” matters.
Usually one can use this organisation for stuff like you proposed. But personally I’m thinking about reorganizing the global hosting. Therefore I’m not sure how future-proof it is to use this organization.

Let’s see what the others think it.

Yeh, I 100% support this! I’ll keep it short :smiling_face:

I’ve got a positive feedback from local-it. They’d like to become financial host for a foodsoft open-collective and provide some funds for maintenance work. The details are in progress.
I’m excited to have a chat on how we make decisions for financial stuff at the next monthly call :slight_smile: