Newbie Questions - Getting Going

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your mail, and glad to see that you found the basic documentation in English.
Foodsoft could use some more in-depth documentation (like there is somewhat in French).
Until we have that, the mailing-list would be a good place - which you’ve found already.

I can answer questions about the NL fork.

  1. This is something on the roadmap in the future. I’d love to have a phase after closing an order and sending it to the supplier, where adjustments can be made. At the moment, foodcoops who needs this create a dummy user, who right before closing the order makes sure all the desired boxes are filled.

  2. It is possible to change the amount members received. This is where the current_orders plugin helps (as shown in the video). In the main version, amounts can be changed (also partial amounts), in the NL fork there is an additional switch for entering amounts in number of packages or g/kg/l/ml too.

Interesting to see your interest in Foodsoft, even though you already seem to have somewhat related software.
Feel free to ask if you have more questions.


  • Willem