More thoroughly deleting ordergroups

Hi all,

When an ordergroup is deleted, it is flagged as deleted and shown in the
interface. The personal information remains, which is not so good
practice in terms of privacy / storing personal info. Does anyone object
to removing personal information from deleted ordergroups? I’m also
thinking of hashing the ordergroup name (md5) to get rid of that
personally identifiable information too (whilst still be able to search
by name when it is known, e.g. to recover a deleted account).

If there is no objection, I’d like to change the current behaviour,
including a migration to remove this data from ordergroups that were
deleted in the past. (*)


  • Willem

(*) As there is currently no user-interface to recover deleted
ordergroups, I conclude that ordergroups deleted once are not really
recovered in practice.

Hi Willem,

no objection from my side concerning the deletion of private information:

  • contact_person
  • contact_phone
  • contact_address

Just one comment concerning the md5 technique for the name: I think this is not very user-friendly because you need to specify exactly the correct full name and no search/autocompletion is available, right? Moreover, I think it is OK (in terms of privacy) and useful to show the name of deleted OrderGroups in old Orders etc.