log in with email insteda of user name

I finaly managed to setup the development enviorment of foodsoft (first time dealing with Ruby on Rails). When going to the webinterface I am prompted to enter email and password. I understood from the documentation I followed that I will be able to login with user name Admin and pass Secret until I change it. I looked through all the configs and cannot find where to change the authetication to use user name rather then email, which I don’t recall setting up in the process of instellation (and my mysql tables seems to be empty).
Could use some help, what is it I am missing?


Nice to hear you’re trying Foodsoft!

You can use either username or email to login (regardless of what the login form tells you can use). In the configuration screen (the “Other” tab), there is an option to use nicknames, which will change the label of the email/username input.
Does that help?


  • Willem

Hi, thanks for the fast reply!
I tried ti log in with the default username and password but get ‘Invalid email address or password
Foodsoft login’
I was looking at the mysql users table and there are no entries, so it seems like no users where created in the installation process but I’m not sure why.
Any ideas?

Ah, that seems like the database wasn’t seeded. I would expect this to be part of the rake foodsoft:setup_development task (as part of db:setup).
In any case, running rake db:seed will populate the database.

  • Willem

Ok thanks. I actualy decided to go with the foodcoopNL fork, so I’m redoing the whole installation. Hopefully It’ll go smother second time around :wink:

Edit: great! this time it worked without much husstle and using rake db:setup populated the database succefully. Starting to get this Ruby stuff :smiley: