Introduce yourself 👋

I think it would be great to have an introductions topic. For new and old community members so we can see who is here and welcome those who join. It’s a simple way to build things up.

If you feel like sharing, some ideas:

  • name / handle / pronouns / where you’re located
  • if you’re a member of a food co-operative, which one? a link would be nice
  • if you use or develop foodsoft
  • why you’re here and what interests you in general about being here

Whatever goes, looking forward to hear from people :blush:

I can make a start.

I’m decentral1se, he/him/they and based in Rotterdam, NL. I am one of the founding members of Biobulkbende but thankfully have no special powers now :smile_cat: I am currently a coordinator of the systems work group, so I’m doing tech related support and sysadmin. Foodsoft is a great software and I’d like to see it improve and become even more useful. I would also like to see the food co-ops using the software become more coordinated so we can tackle some of the larger systemic problems around food. Those are my main two reasons for being here on the forum and trying to help out.

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I’m next:

Steffen (he/him), based in Rostock and with growing activity a member of the global hosting team. Our local foodcoop closed about a year ago and since then I’m part of it’s successor which is a member based/ member owned organisation.

I contributed some smaller changes to the Foodsoft and contributed some more changes to Sharedlists.

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I’m Philipp (yksflip) (he/him), located in Lübeck, Germany and member of the foodcoop Tantewandel which is part of the Wandelgut. I started hosting foodsoft with our techcoop for the Tantewandel, and recently started hacking on foodsoft with rails-folks from pragma-shift collective funded by the prototype fund. This is the fork we’re working on: Git Website
I’m so grateful for all the work done on foodsoft so far and super happy to see this getting more and more active.

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