Input on upcoming changes to the Fax/order PDF


I’d like to update the Fax PDF (or Order PDF), to make it a bit more beautiful and to provide some more information:

  • show more price info (deposit & tax), so that it’s clear upfront what the foodcoops thinks the prices are,
  • put unit and unit_quantity together in “100 g x 5” - not all suppliers are familiar with the term “unit quantity”
  • include the “total unit of the unit_quantity” - we’ll call it pack_size. So “100 g x 5 = 500 g” (*)
  • show prices of the full unit_quantity / box, as that’s what the supplier usually expects
  • include totals of net, deposit, vat and gross price

Please find two examples attached (though the articles are a bit random - deposit for cheese? nevertheless it shows the possibilities).

QUESTION: Would this change be a problem for anyone? Would this be an improvement?
Since it may affect the ordering routine, I’d like to check before making the change.

If there are no objections, I’d like to release this with the next version, probably somewhere around the end of April.


(*) It appears that it’s not always clear to suppliers what the unit is, especially when the foodcoop has adapted the unit to something smaller (and increased the unit_quantity) - e.g. a farmer supplies in boxes of 5 kg, but the foodcoop divides per 500 g. Then the form would show “500 g x 10”, which is not something he may recognise so easily. Still for articles counted by pieces (e.g. bottles of milk) it is needed to keep this info (“500 ml x 5 = 2500 ml”).

Hi Willem,

just one remark from my side … but we just plan to use Foodsoft and actually do not use it:

The contact at the right side of the PDF seems to be the information from the FC infos in Foodsoft. We have some people which deal with the orders so it would make sense to add the contact information for the “Contact person” of the order.

it’s just the name, in the example “Contact person: Max Puur”. Maybe allow to add more contact details there. If people write to the general FC email address or call the general FC number it wouldn’t be a direct way of communication in the most cases.

Best Regards,

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your input. I agree this could be clearer.
Do you mean; instead of putting more text in the “contact person” input field on the supplier page (like: “Max Puur <max@puur.test>, 012-3456789”), add a field for email and phone ? Or perhaps this could become a select-box to choose an existing user, though we don’t store phone numbers right now. Or should this be the contact details of the person generating the PDF? I’m curious what would work best for all of us.


  • Willem