how to delete old messages and message-groups from foodsoft

Hello there, first time I (Christina, from Germany) logged in. I’m just getting started with this forum, so sorry if I have no idea how any of this works.

I can’t figure out how to delete old messages that were sent (already in 2014) using the foodsoft mail service. Can these be deleted by any chance. If yes, how?
Another issue that bothers me a little is that I don’t understand how to delete messages sent to individuals defining them as a “message group”.
When writing a new message and choosing the recipient, you can tick the option “send to a member of a message group”, pick a message group (which we don’t seem to have) and choose additional individual members. The message then gets listed as sent to the single person that was defined as recipient. I can neither delete these messages nor the message group. Why is that? And is there a solution to this?

I’m happy and grateful for any answer helping me understand these issues.
Thanks a lot in advance, Christina

Hi Christina,

Sorry, but I can not help you with that. As far as I know, it is not possible to delete messages using the foodsoft web application.

You are probably disappointed because your message was being ignored for such a long time. If you wish to trigger more replies then consider to open a feature request here: . If you are lucky then someone else replies there.

In general, if there are information in your foodsoft instance that need to be urgently deleted then contact the system administrator of your foodsoft-hosting instance. It is possible to temporarily disable your foodsoft instance in order to analyze the situation and selectively remove the sensitive information. Please be aware that this implies significant effort for the administrators of your hosting instance. In case of the global hosting platform you can send an email to the address shown at .