Funding for Foodsoft developement

The federal state Schleswig-Holstein startet a Call for Concepts. They asked cooperations of companies and non-profit organizations (both must be from Schleswig-Holstein) to send them project sketches.
UNI:CODE (IT collective) and Wandelgut (non profit organization which also runs the Tante Wandel foodcoop) submitted a proposal for the further developement of the Foodsoft. The proposal was created in a hurry and without the feedback from this community but in the hope of obtaining funding for the some bigger development tasks of the Foodsoft.

The Jury selected this proposal. It is now possible to submit a proper funding application until April, 29th.

During a Call with @yksflip we identified the following tasks as priorities for funding:

On May 30th it will be decided which project will receive funding. If the Foodsoft funding application will be selected we want to achieve the project goals together with the Foodsoft community. We plan to merge everything into the upstream project instead of maintaining another fork.


FYI: Today we submitted the final funding application. I will send an update as soon as I have more information on that.