french users ? & questions

hello !

Thanks for your incredible work ! It’s exactly what we dreamed to found !!!

We have a shared server but no Ruby on rails compatible. Is there possible you hosted this app for us ? (with donation of course)

After long test, we wanted to know why there is no individual account ? It’s very important, no ? Maybe we must use one order-group by person … but it’s not cool … we are few order-group… but, maybe we don’t understand the goal of this function…

In our community, we want to assign a command to an user (who he is responsable of this command), how would you do that ?

Many thanks for your work ! Do you know other software to help community, like yours ?

Bye !

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your mail, nice to hear you may find foodsoft useful!

Yes, there are two parties offering foodsoft hosting, please see .
The German hosting offers the stock foodsoft software (see their demo),
while the Dutch hosting is able to offer some other options (like online
payments; this is the foodcoop-adam fork). Maybe it’d be useful to have
a chat (Skype?) about what you’re up to and what you’d need. Feel free
to mail me at .

About the question of the individual account - I’m not really grasping
what you’re asking. Let me try to explain.
Each person involved with the foodcoop has its own account. Each account
is associated to an ordergroup, and member orders are placed with the
ordergroup. Consider a family, where both parents and the oldest child
each have their own account, and they are part of one ordergroup. When
the father orders some articles, the child can later change it.

Messages and tasks involve members, so that the father can be part of
the transportation workgroup, while the mother can help in the cafe

For groups not using the tasks module, we have just as many ordergroups
as members - one for each. (In the foodcoop-adam fork, we create
ordergroups automatically for new members.)

Regarding giving access to certain areas of foodsoft (like managing
suppliers and articles, or orders, or finances, or members), that’s done
by means of workgroups. Each workgroup has access to one or more
foodsoft areas, and a member can be part of zero or more workgroups. Is
that what you mean with ‘assiging a command’?

Hope this helps, and please feel free to ask. Documentation is currently
not a strong point of foodsoft.


  • Willem

The sype will be not really useful … my english is to bad. In text
mode, it’s better if it’s ok for you ?

I guess we prefer with on-line payment… but how much cost the
transaction ? I understood what you explained to me with family
example… but we need personnal account i think.

I send few suggestion by your website… for example, i think it will be
very useful to display a link to visit supplier homepage when we are on
the order page, near Creaty by, Ends at, available credit, etc …

I think i need a account … must i contact them directly to
get an account ?

Thanks, have a nice day !


ps: Maybe we try to developp a bridge with joomla to created product and
supplier article, we need a sexy site frond-end for propaganda :wink: