Foodsoft v4.9 released

Hey folks!
I’ve just released Foodsoft v4.9!
Mainly to bring the mollie online payment provider plugin live, but also some bug-fixes and nice improvements made it into it :slight_smile:
Thanks to all the contributions! :heart_hands:
I hope to find some time and motivation to work soon on the open bugs. :bug:
Very eager to see the article-unit fork coming closer and closer :rocket:

All the best,

Hooray! Thank you :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed is that this includes moves documents from the database to ActiveStorage. I think it could have been wise to include a clear message in the changelog for people hosting their own instance, that ActiveStorage now needs to be setup for the use of documents. It may affect backup policy, and setting up storage (especially relevant when running multiple instances of Foodsoft). I’m not sure if ActiveStorage was used before for something else, but if not then I’d think it is really important to mention.

thanks for your advise willem!
I thought it would be okay, as we announced changes for activestorage already for 4.8.1 - but maybe it would be good practice to give this hint again, in case someone skips versions from a older release …

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