Foodsoft update to 3.3.10-adam

Dear Foodsoft users in Amsterdam,

Today version 3.3.10-adam of the foodcoop-adam version of Foodsoft was released, and activated (deployed) on the server we’re using in Amsterdam. That means you have access to these versions for your food cooperative from tonight onwards.

What has changed since September, 2015 (it has really been that long)?

  • The tolerance is shown in the progress bar at the right of the member ordering pages (explained below).
  • The amount and tolerance in the member ordering pages now receive a color, based on whether it is part of a filled box or not.
  • There is now the option to add a box-fill-phase near the end of the order-cycle. If enabled in the configuration screen, there’s an additional date when opening an order, after which members will only be able to change their order if it increases the total amount ordered. (This is how Vokomokum works with bulk items.)
  • and a number of bugfixes, read more in the CHANGELOG.

The first bullet point had some consequences for the member ordering page. If your food cooperative uses the shopping cart option (members need to pay before their order is confirmed), please keep an extra eye on the member ordering process, and let me know if you find something unexpected.

I hope you and your members will enjoy the fixes and new features.


  • Willem

Tolerance in the box-filled-bar

What about this? The first is an article where there’s 2 missing units, and 3 total tolerance. This means that 2 more units need to be ordered for the box to become full. (You may notice that the progress bar shows 4 tolerance, which means that there’s another member who only ordered 1 tolerance.)

The next is an article where there is no shortage, and there are still 7 units available in tolerance (by this member, as you can see), meaning that one member can still order 3 and have a full box.

I hope this motivates people to order more when it’s useful, while providing a hint that one can still order more without having to order a full box.