Foodsoft packaged with YunoHost

Hey there again, I’ve managed to get a working install of Foodsoft with YunoHost.

It’s still at the experimental stage but I will be working on improving the “level”, which is the way the YunoHost project measures quality and reliability of the package. It will be integrated in the CI system to proof install, removal, backup, restore and upgrade.

Yunohost can be a great way to make self-hosting much more accessible. There is a web interface for adminstering your server. All the applications are integrated into it. Afterwards, you can transition into using the command-line interface and more “hardcore” system adminstration. To learn more, please see and

There was one question I had to the developers though:

I would like to update the administrator password at installation time. However, I am not sure which hasing algorithm is being used? I would have to specify a salt as well. If someone could tell me the details here then I can overwrite it correctly on the fly. This makes it easier for the YunoHost global admin to get access.

Hope that is helpful! If you need support, join us at

That looks great, thank you!!

Nice you’re generating an app_config.yml file from defaults. Please know that most settings can be overridden from within Foodsoft, so even when ynh thinks there is a certain setting, the Foodsoft instance may use a different value from the database.

Great you included the resque service. On the master branch there is also a process to receive emails, it could be interesting to integrate that later on. But I guess auth is more important.

Thanks for working on this.


  • Willem

Hi !

Do you think it is reliable for production ?
As we can’t manage to connect to redis server with the docker install process, we are unable to have a usable instance of foodsoft.
So we are thinking about using yunohost on our Debian VPS and your foodsoft integration.