Foodsoft collective roadmap & development priorities

As a result of the latest community call, we’ve discussed that @paroga & @wvengen do not have a lot of time to help with maintenance of Foodsoft any more.

Others in the call were quite hesitant to become the new maintainers because this is a lot of responsbility. Instead of putting it all on a few individuals, we decided to try to do this collectively from now on. For example, I know basically nothing about writing Ruby but I can help with communications and meeting and such.

So, as planned, I’ve set up the roadmap project on Foodsoft Github organisation:

Foodsoft roadmap · GitHub

I’ve submitted a PR to add this to the README and Wiki:

docs: roadmap & monthly call by decentral1se · Pull Request #984 · foodcoops/foodsoft · GitHub

The idea is that we come together each month on the monthly community call to discuss what is prioritised, what can be prioritised and how things are going. This call is open to all those interested in improving foodsoft! There is of course plenty to do beyond writing code and we need help to make progress.

The final step was to send a post on this forum, as we want to start using this platform for all “official” discussions and announcements. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask! This new wave of organising energy is also just a bunch of random people volunteering their free time, so please feel free to step in and join us :smiling_face:

My galaxy brain is currently to involve more of the users of Foodsoft in all the food co-operatives that already exist. If anyone is interested in this, please send me a private message. I have been advised on how to make a start on this by wvengen, which involves starting a discussion with folks.

Thanks to @paroga & @wvengen for all their efforts :clap: :clap: :clap: