Foodsoft API discussion

Hi everyone,

It looks like Foodsoft will (finally) get an API. There is some
discussion on how it would look like.
Please feel free to join in, and share your perspectives.

And in case you may have any plans using the API, I’m curious to hear
what your ideas would be (by replying on the list).

Kind regards,

  • Willem

Hi Willem,

not too much going on here :wink:

I would really like to have an API to easily access Foodsoft. We need to sync hundreds of users between our Foodcoop DB and the Foodsoft DB. Currently I use a Perl Mechanize script I have created some time ago (with quite some time spent on it to get it running … ) to do the sync by calling the appropriate web pages and filling the forms. Additionally a sync option for other data like articles and finances would be helpful, too. An API would be perfect for that!

Thanks a lot for working on that!


Hi Michael,

Thanks for responding. While I’ve mostly worked on the member-facing part of the API (ordering), it’s good to know you and others are interested in things like updating articles as well. I’ll keep that in mind.


  • Willem