Foodsoft 4.4.0 released

Dear foodsoft users,

I’m happy to announce that Foodsoft 4.4.0 was released today. Foodsoft is online software for running a non-profit foodcoop (a collective do-it-yourself supermarket) with a product catalog, order cycle, accounting and tasks.

There have been a lot of changes. Some noteworthy:

  • There is a now a review step after uploading articles, similar to shared database sync (#113).
  • Uploading of Excel and Openoffice spreadsheets directly (no CSV required anymore).
  • Wiki and footer understand contain dynamic expansion variables.
  • Recurring tasks can now be edited (#152 - thanks @robwa).
  • A number of small and useful usability improvements by new contributor @paroga (#347, #348, #350, #354, #357).
  • New uservoice plugin to gather user feedback (#333, disabled by default).

and many other changes and fixes, read more in the changelog. You can download this version here.
A big thanks to all developers, translators, testers and everyone who has contributed to this release.


  • Willem