Foodsoft 3.2.0 released


I’m happy to announce the availability of foodsoft 3.2.0. Foodsoft is online software for running a non-profit foodcoop (a collective do-it-yourself supermarket) with a product catalog, order cycle, accounting and tasks.

Since the release of foodsoft 3.1.1 last year, a lot has changed. Many fixes (@bennibu, @robwa). New developers from The Netherlands joined the project and made foodsoft multi-lingual (@wvengen, @fsmanuel). Translations in English (Johanna), Dutch and French (@linux2400). Creation of deliveries was greatly improved (@JuliusR). Lots of others changes - read more in the changelog.

Looking forward, foodsoft 3.3.0, will be released within two months. This will include more delivery improvements, an updated article edit screen, and more. Shortly after that, we plan to release foodsoft 4.0.0, bringing us up-to-date with changes in the software ecosystem (Rails 4). After that, in 4.1.0 and later, there are plans for more user-interface improvements, and better support for foodcoops to tailor foodsoft to their wishes.

I’d like to thank all developers and other volunteers who contributed to making this release possible - your involvement is highly appreciated. I believe that working together on this can really make a difference to existing foodcoops (and food ecosystems!) and spur new ones.


  • Willem

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p.s. Please feel free to share this announcement to others who might be interested!