is looking for a new hoster

Hi foodsoft team,

as you all have noticed already. I am not able to provide a good hosting
and community supporting service for the (german) foodsoft landscape.
On the one side this is because of the fact, that I have nothing to do
with foodcoops any more (I have plenty to do supporting a CSA project in
Leipzig) and therefore I am not very motivated to develop a software I
am not using.
On the other side I have failed to motivate my colleagues from
about:source and so this project is tolerated, appreciated but not
supported by others. I have also thought about some business model (with
donations) to increase the priority but at the moment we have not time
to work on this. (I think that are good news for about:source but not
for In addition I don’t want to start a business for a
project I am not excited about.

So I am asking you. Does anyone want to take over, support
the community and help making around 50 foodcoops with at least 1000
members happy? (hmm I have to look at the numbers by the way)

Of course, there is no hurry in this, but I think the community deserves
better than just preserving the status quo.

Looking forward to here from you.


Hi Benni,

Thanks for your mail, that brings clarity on the situation with hosting.
First of all, I’m really grateful for all that you’ve provided (and
still are) to the community.
Second, sorry for not coming back earlier on this.
Third, I’ve been pretty busy in the past weeks, and still am (a
large-ish foodcoop collective starting in Eindhoven) and would love to
come back to this at some later time (hope May).
Fourth, me and my collegues at would happily take over the hosting. Part of our vision is to make foodcoops easy to
start, run, and improve, so that seems to fit in very well.
I’ll get back on this.

Best regards,

  • Willem