Feature request: adding iDeal payment method to upstream version

Dear all,

I have been in touch with @wvengen about the possibility of including the Dutch iDeal payment system (e.g. Mollie) in the upstream version. As a new Dutch Food Coop (Voko Oosterwold) we deliberately did not opt for the Adam fork, as it is no longer supported.
After running successfully for a year (about 600 euro’s / week right now), handling all the transactions manually is becoming a bottleneck.
We received funding to move to another food coop ordering system called Local Food Works that does support iDeal payments, but is not open source, unfortunately. I would also be a fan of spending this money (we have about 500 euro’s available, but we could shift some things if necessary) on the integration of iDeal in the upstream version, so that all other Dutch coops could benefit from this as well. The only challenge is that we need to spend the money within 3 months.
Would anyone be interested in supporting us with this upgrade? I am not a developer myself unfortunately, so we rely on the Foodcoops hosting for our Foodsoft setup.

All best,

Voko Oosterwold

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Hey ardjan,

great you’ve got funding and prefer to spend it on free software! :slight_smile:
I could imagine to take a look at this as there’s already previous work done by wvengen, I think this would be doable.
I guess this would also require some work for the foodcoops-hosting to integrate, maybe we can have a chat on how to best organize, what are the requirements, time frame etc.?

Maybe this is a great opportunity to open up a open-collective account …

Also, if anyone else would like to work on this please go ahead :wink:

Great to hear @yksflip that you would be interested in this!

What would be a good way to have a chat about this? Not sure what communication mediums you prefer for a live chat.

I’ve updated my email notification settings also, as I missed your reply earlier. Next time I will be quicker to respond hopefully!

Amazing @ardjan, this could be fantastic! And we’d love to have the support for Biobulkbende.

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