Docker sponsored OSS renewal

Just to let you know, I got a mail from Docker to renew the sponsored OSS membership at Apply Today - Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program and I’ve just (re-)submitted the request, which I expect to be accepted just like last year. This apparently needs to be each year, but I think it’s worth it, both because of unlimited pulls, (re)builds (especially on base image changes!) and being discoverable and recognizable on

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Didn’t saw you message. I was wondering about the billing email from Docker which I recieved today. I downgraded the account assuming that we don’t have a discount on all costs.

Can we upgrade the account again once the sponsorship is approved?

Sponsorship is approved! And I was surprised by a billing email as well, then noticed that another mail was sent that the billed account was cancelled.

Congratulations! Your project has been approved for the Docker-Sponsored Open Source program. A Docker Team subscription will be allocated to the project organization Docker ID specified in your application within the next 3 weeks. In addition to a Team subscription, you now have:

  • free autobuilds
  • rate-limit removal for all users pulling public images from your project namespace
  • special badging on Docker Hub (this will be visible within two weeks)

If you haven’t already, please take the time to update your project’s Hub pages to include a detailed project description, links to your project source code, as well as contributing guidelines, and a link to your organization’s website. Projects lacking this information may not receive the Docker Sponsored Open Source badging for their images on Docker Hub.

Membership in the Docker-Sponsored Open Source (DSOS) program is valid for one year. You will receive a reminder email from us when it is time to renew your membership.

We are thrilled to have you as an open-source partner. If you have any questions regarding the open source program please contact and include the name of your project in the subject line. If you have questions regarding technical support please contact

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I’ve received a request for renewal and submitted.