Hi there,
When I do docker-compose as described in your file, after it pulls redis just fine I get

$ docker-compose run app rake foodsoft:setup_development
Pulling bundle (foodsoft_app:latest)…
pull access denied for foodsoft_app, repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’

I do have a docker account and did log in with that but I guess I need credentials for yours?!
I CAN do

docker pull foodcoops/foodsoft

and could modify the docker-compose.yml in my fork, but

  • is that the right way?
  • how would I do that?

Cheers, Sven

Oops, sorry I just saw the foodsoft-dev mailing list where this should obviously have gone.

Hi Sven,

Thanks for finding this out.
Indeed the current docker-compose setup is broken. It was meant to be used for development, but the current docker setup is for production.
This needs to be fixed. Maybe we better remove docker-compose until a development-setup is added?

For more information about using docker see doc/ You can also get inspiration from the setup (which is work in progress), which uses docker-compose.


  • Willem

Thanks Willem,
Well the doc/ si exactly the one referring to the broken docker-compose.yml. I wll look at the one from your other link and report back!

If you’re still interested in a docker-based development setup, you’re welcome to try out PR #523 (checkout branch feature/docker-dev), which is meant to improve the current confusing situation.

  • Willem

p.s. indeed, this belongs more on the foodsoft-dev list. Next thread :slight_smile: