Discourse settings: New navigation menu, chat, mobile version?

This Discourse instance seems to have been updated to Discourse 3.
I think it would be useful to activate the new navigation menu by switching from legacy to side bar:
I activated it in the foodcoopsat instance and find it much better than the old navigation.

There’s also a real-time chat feature now which can be activated. I think this could replace the Element/Matrix room.

I also use the DiscourseHub app on Android (also available for iOS) where you can connect to multiple Discourse instances and see them as apps, each with specific push notification symbols etc. but this does not work for this instance - I can only open it in a browser. Perhaps it’s just the missing icon?


I just changed the navigation menu to “sidebar”. The chat plugin is also enabled so we can test it.

I also tried the app and it just works.


Could you please add a global chat channel and with auto-add for all active users enabled?
Seems only admins can do that.

For me it only works partially. I can open it inside DiscourseHub …

but not as a stand-alone app like the Austrian forum:

Does this work for you?
Not too important, though :wink:

As far as I can see it’s only possible to bind a chat channel to a forum categorie. There’s no such thing as a global channel.

I just created some chat room for the most important channels but without auto-join. I think we need consent from the users to do this.

Do you really think so? The default notification setting when you join a channel is “only for mentions”, so it is basically like when you mention someone in a topic or send a private message.

Good to know. I barely use Discourse so you’re welcome to post more useful stuff about how to optimize this forum.

We don’t have rules about the requirements on adding someone to the admin group, But I think it would be nice if you want to join it.

Yes, you can add me if you want.

I’ve added a small logo and a push notifications icon. Now you can “install” the forum as a separate app on Android (DiscourseHub is also available for iOS, but no separate apps):

How to do this:

  1. install DiscourseHub and open it, now you can add various forums

  2. enter the forum’s address (in this case, forum.foodcoops.net of course)

  3. check settings

  4. this setting has to be enabled (otherwise it will be opened as a tab in your default browser)

  5. click on connect, afterwards you have to grant permission for your device

  6. To get the forum as a separate app, you need to have Chrome as the default browser on your Android device. Then click on the options

  7. Click on Install app

  8. Now you’ll have a “Foodsoft” app which you can add to your homescreen and open in a separate app window.

  9. To receive push notifications, you have to open your forum profile settings on your Android device and enable notifications (resp. enable them in the app settings).