development update stream @foodsoft_dev

Hi everyone,

When fsmanuel started to work on the translation of categories #160 [1],
I wanted to share this to people interested. The mailing-list is nice
for developers, but I’d also like less-technical people to be able to
glance into what’s happening. That’s why I’ve opened the twitter account
@foodsoft_dev [2].
If you have any objections or praise, please let me know. I’m happy to
share the login with the core-team, so that interesting
development-related facts can be shared. And/or I’ll happily retweet.
Let me know if you’d want @foodsoft_dev to follow you.
Before adding tweets, I thought I’d give you a chance to respond.


  • Willem


Yeah, the foodsoft is twittering !

But in my opinion, we can skip the “_dev” appendix and open an twitter
account for the foodsoft itself. Our target group are non developers, am
I right?

Yeah, the _dev makes no sense at all.

benni [via foodsoft] schreef:

True; foodsoft was taken though :frowning: so is foodcoop, foodcoops.
Any other suggestions?

I inteded the target group to be interested users and (prospective)
developers. And also to give visibility inside foodcoops to the
development work that’s happening; most members have no idea about all
the work that is happening behind the scenes.

Naming is the hardest …

what about foodsoftapp, or something like this? But I have
no strong opinion about it. Take what you like.

Another topic though, but we should be aware that there are other
foodsoft brands around. Like
I hope, that there are no existing brand rights for ‘foodsoft’.

Perhaps we have one with recent pushes which is called _dev and another for general updates?

benni [via foodsoft] schreef:

Ok, there are two twitter accounts now:

I will happily put tweets on @foodsoftdev now and then, is there a
volunteer for @foodsoftapp?
And if you’d like to contribute, send me your mails, and I’d be happy to
share access to the account too, if you’d like to tweet a bit more.
This is just to give outsiders a bit more knowledge of what’s happening
in our little world.


  • Willem

Regarding brands right, well, uhm, what about registering it in DE and
NL, and committing to allow its use for this project? Do we need contracts?

  • Willem

And by the way, there is also a php project called “foodsoft” with
(almost?) the same goal
It might be nice if, at some point, we could both have a distinct name
or so? Just dreaming :wink:

They have older commits (Apr 2007, went to foodsoft@github in 2010; vs
Jan 2009 for foodcoops@github) :confused: