Deposit not counted?

HI all,
It seems like deposit is not counted when finishing an order. A product, say, Kombucha has a deposit of €0,25, but when I look at what is booked from a member’s account when I settle the order, I cannot see the deposit being subtracted.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
Cheers, H.

Hi and welcome to the Foodsoft community!

  • Which Foodsoft version / deployment are you using? The global ( hosting?

  • How does the accounting menu look like for the respective order? In the deposit column, you should see the deposit. Is this empty in your case?

    → If it’s empty there, but in the article management, the article has a deposit: Has the deposit of this article been set to 0 previously when accounting an order of the same supplier? There is a bug concerning this which hasn’t been fixed in the main repository yet. (Deposit, VAT, and net price are all part of price.)