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Hi everyone,

I’d like to share something we’ve been working on at FoodCoop.NL. Four students (from VU university in Amsterdam) have looked in the past two months into “clicking your food-chain”. It’s about not only buying what’s there, but being able to shape the chain.

(From the project page)

Each bite we take comes from a farmer somewhere. Grain is harvested, transported to a mill, turned into flour, brought to the bakery, where it’s baked into bread, and finally I go buy and eat it. A food chain – different steps on the journey from land to plate.

Most often, all these steps are hidden. Who knows the journey from what’s in the supermarket? And all the effect it’s had on the world; for the environment, the people who worked on it, the animals involved, … we’re not only spending money, we’re also investing and supporting everyone who took part in bringing about the bread!

What if we could see these steps in between? And more, what if we could change something here and there. If you’d care about CO2 production, you could select a bike transporter. When the environment is important to you, you might select a different strawberry farmer for that jam, and suggest that to the supplier.

As a group of people, in a foodcoop, we can be more than just taking what’s there – we can shape the food chain.

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  • Willem

Hoi Willem,

I wonder if you cannot use the sourcemap API →

I like your project and look forward to teach my food coop about it in Germany.


Hi Stephan,

Thanks for the idea! And we have already talked to them and would love
to see if we can couple foodsoft to sourcemap.
Any volunteers? :wink:

Still, sourcemap will not be enough - because we also want to create and
shape chains, not only show them. But I’d love to use it to show maps
about articles, suppliers and orders, and perhaps also to invite
suppliers to supply more information about their suppliers.


  • Willem