Change reply email address for mail to supplier to food coops's email address instead of personal one

The automatic mail which is sent from Foodsoft to a supplier when the order closes has the following header in our case:

From     Foodsoft <>
To       supplier_email
CC       user_email
Reply to user_email

Where user_email the private email address of the one who opened the order.
So when the supplier replies to the email, the reply is sent to that user by default.

We would like to be able to:

  • change the replay address to the food coop’s email
  • (optionally) take the user_email out of CC or put it in BCC for privacy reasons

I see that this is written in the code without any option to change it. What do you think would be the best way to change this? Make reply to food coop’s email to default or rather leave it that way?

There are also some settings which we could use for this:

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Maybe we can introduce a new configuration settings for the sender mail address with a fallback to the old behaviour.