adding not ordered articles to group and article lists


I’m asking for your input - to see if a feature would be useful for you
as well.
When a member has ordered something but the lot size / Gebindegröße was
not filled, it is not shown on the group and article PDFs. We give the
group PDF to the member, and it would be useful to us to show which
articles were ordered but not received. I’d like to give clarity on what
people ordered and received, so they know what they can expect, also on

I’d also like to have this information clear in the orders page, e.g.
the “group by ordergroups” view.

What would you think of the attached example? Would that work for you,
or would the extra information be confusing?


  • Willem

Hi Willem,

your suggestion would already be an improvement. Just two comments:

What about making the received amount bold and changing the order, i.e.
ordered - RECEIVED - price - lot size - unit - sum.

Further it would be useful to order the order groups ascending case-insensitive.

Thanks, Julius!
I’ve created a pull request for this [1].
Both the pdfs and the “Sorted in groups+articles” screens were modified
to include ordered and received amounts.


  • Willem