Account Balance not showing across any of our viewing instances

Our members cannot see their balances. We can see all member balances when we go to:

  1. Finances
    1a. Manage Accounts - We can see all accurate balances here. From here when we click:
  2. Account Statement - for a specific member. We look to the top left of their page to see what their Balance of Account is and it is showing as 0.00 regardless of actual balance being in credit or debit.

It seems as though we may have something selected or deselected somewhere in the configuration, that is interferring with the account balances being seen throughout all necessary instances in our software… Including the Current Orders page…

We are running Foodsoft v4.7.99 - would this problem be resolved with an update? If there is an update…? Our group is rather new here and have been running Foodsoft since around October 2023. I believe the balances have been working at some stage but recently we noticed that they stopped working.

Please help me to resolve this for our membership…
Warm Regards

Hi Sara,

I could imagine

  • in case members see a credit box, but Account balance is 0: Ignore for account balance being checked for financial transaction classes (see Administration → Finances → Financial transaction types, click edit for the bold-faced)
  • in case they can’t see their credits box at all: some custom CSS (see Administration → Configuration → Layout)

If your issue is not resolved by that, please post screenshots (anonymized if necessary) of

  • an account statement from the finance view
  • your My ordergroup account statement
  • the Place order! menu

It could also be useful for us to know whether you are hosting Foodsoft yourself and

  • if so: from which Git repository / release?
  • if not: who is hosting it for you?
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